A Passion for People.
A Vision for Sioux Falls.


Using broad experience and a passion for people to bring a new vision to Sioux Falls.


Reducing Crime, Addressing Poverty

As our city grows, our need to tackle crime will also grow. As a byproduct of this effort, we will also bring creative solutions to poverty, affordable housing, and homelessness.

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Fiscal Responsibility

Using fiscal restraint in the coming years will be key as we continue to support our existing quality-of-life investments and manage the financial demands of a growing city.

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Downtown Momentum

Healthy cities start with a strong downtown. Sioux Falls has fantastic momentum, and ensuring that continues to move in the right direction will be key.

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Growing, Developing our Workforce

Educating, training, and growing our workforce is a challenge that is affecting nearly every vertical in our city marketplace. Innovative solutions can begin to address this. 

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I'd love your help.

Learn more about helping our campaign by volunteering, requesting a yard sign, or spreading the word in your circles. 

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"So, why are you running, Paul?"

Behind everything we do, there is always a "why?" For me, my rationale behind running for mayor of Sioux Falls is simple: I have a passion for leading.

I've spent the last 18 years of my career leading people. Leading employees. Leading mission trips. Leading executive board meetings. Leading alongside others.

I can think of no greater privilege and responsibility than leading the greatest city in the world. 

It would be my honor to have you walk alongside me in this.