Vision for Sioux Falls


Reducing Crime
As a growing city, Sioux Falls continues to be met with the challenges of increased crime. Our city leadership must address this head-on through providing the resources needed to keep Sioux Falls safe, including addressing our growing meth problem in the city.

Addressing Poverty, Affordable Housing, Homelessness
As a city, we can do better to meet the needs of those who need a hand up, not a hand out. This means getting involved in the services, programs, and organizations that can give ALL citizens opportunity. It also means using the mayor's office to champion this issue and create cohesiveness with our non-profit and business communities.  

Continued Momentum for Downtown
At the heart of any thriving city is a thriving downtown. Sioux Falls has enjoyed great momentum with downtown development thanks to many public and private investments. That momentum needs to be sustained to ensure we can attract and retain the businesses, employees, and quality-of-life activities that make Sioux Falls so great.

Growing, Developing our Workforce
It's been a hot phrase the past few years for Sioux Falls, and it will only get hotter. Workforce development. As a small business owner with a young workforce, Paul is acutely aware of the workforce challenges facing businesses in our region. Programs to attract new workers from out-of-market, as well as foster development of the existing workforce will need to remain a priority.

Fiscal Responsibility
In recent years, Sioux Falls has enjoyed a wide range of quality-of-life investments made by our city. We have some of the best parks, recreational facilities, and indoor/outdoor entertainment venues in the upper Midwest. With those investments will come the need to make challenging budgetary decisions in the years ahead. Paul is committed to working closely with the City Council and lead city officials to continue to make Sioux Falls thrive, while managing financial commitments, infrastructure needs, and project prioritization.  

Inspiring Passion, Building Consensus
Paul's ability to build strong relationships and solving problems through forming consensus are crucial for moving Sioux Falls forward. There are times when we need to disagree, and those times are often healthy for a relationship to mature. Paul remains a firm believer in the fact that when communication is flowing and relationships are being strengthened great things can be done.